Art is a medium for the world to speak without words. The human takes the central point in it. Within this my interest lies especially in the human body and mind. I deal with the link between body and mind, between the conscious, the unconscious and the subconscious, between intellect and intuition. I research in the fields of the body- and cell memory as well as in the field of the psychologic energetical and the human perception. We can experience life only through our bodies. Our body memory is older than our consciousness. Without feeling we would be rational machines unable to have empathy and therefore unable to human relationships.
To live means to take action. To take action means movement in time and space. This action I want to translate into my art and therefore I at first decided to work with the medium of performance. Within that I intensively dealt with body-language as well as with gestures in opposite to spoken language. At the same time I’m interested in a pre-language state or in the unspeakable (after Walter Benjamin), also in something that is less existent - is there and is not there again, like a moment is.
I consider my artworks as signs. Thereby I don‘t mean the manifestation of signs in our consciousness but the physical knowledge. My body and the materials I work with I understand as an archive. They act as a medium of symbols in the representation of memorization. On the material I work with I emphasize this through transforming sculpturing.

I create transformative actions and liminal spaces and also my working process I understand as creative action that is related to rituals, meditation etc.
Besides all quest for order memories are unconscious-conscious constructions. The origin of art has always been an interplay between unconsciousness and consciousness. In these zones I work and describe conditions between stability and agitation, reality and illusion, consistency and fragility, shortly after and shortly before, lightness and gravity, self and ego. Barriers should be constructed on which a meeting „betwixt and between“ is possible.
Furthermore I took steps from performance work in the direction of sculpture, video and drawing.
My performative way to work is often concentrated on the process. Within this it’s important for me to create an open form. Here I orientate myself on the of Robert Morris marked term Antiform. As on the pre-spoken language in performance, I thereby concentrate on a pre-physicalness. In the same way emotions don’t have a geometry. The movement and the moment should stay incorporated in the objects. I want to bring together the material, the sculpture and the performance. Thus connect the invisible (performance) and the visible (material) with each other. According to this the performance could also stand for a mental, the material for a physical process.

So which space do our bodies and minds occupy?